Compliant Systems Design Laboratory (CSDL)

Our Compliant Systems Design Laboratory is pioneering the development and application of distributed compliant mechanisms. Compliant mechanisms can be designed to mimic (and often improve upon) the operation of conventional multi-piece machines, and because they typically require no assembly they may be produced at a fraction of the cost, and scaled to almost any size.

The design of compliant systems, using conventional and exotic materials, is an exciting and groundbreaking field of study with applications in shape-morphing, soft robotics, compliant medical devices, micro-electro-mechanics and design for 3D-printing. The Center is creating methods for engineering design synthesis of compliant mechanisms as well as demonstrating a wide range of practical applications for multi-stable mechanisms, non-linear springs, elasto-fluidic robotics and compliant parallel kinematic machines. Click here for Scientific American (May 2014) issue featuring “Shape-Shifting Things to Come”

Soft Robotics MEMS Applications Shape Morphing Design for No-Assembly Compliant Joints Medical Devices